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Chrome X22 Wedge

Chrome X22 Wedge

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Elevate Your Golf Game to New Heights with the Chrome X22 Wedge by PutterHead

In the world of golf, precision is paramount, and the club that can make all the difference is your wedge. PutterHead has mastered the art of wedge craftsmanship, and the Chrome X22 Wedge is the epitome of what a golfer's dreams are made of. This exceptional club is engineered to be the most precise, best balanced, and best feeling wedge you'll ever lay your hands on. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your golfing journey, the Chrome X22 Wedge is your gateway to enhanced performance and confidence on the green.

Unmatched Confidence and Control

Imagine having the confidence of a 7 iron combined with the precision and control of a wedge. With the Chrome X22 Wedge, you no longer have to imagine. The secret behind this remarkable club lies in its innovative design. A slightly larger head and a thicker topline give you the edge you need to master your short game. Whether you're facing a chip, pitch, flop, bunker shot, or a full shot onto the green, this wedge empowers you to take charge.

A Symphony of Precision

The Chrome X22 Wedge by PutterHead is not just a club; it's a masterpiece of precision. Advanced milling techniques ensure that every contour, edge, and groove is machine-milled to exacting degrees. This unparalleled precision guarantees that every shot you make is as accurate and consistent as possible.

Turf Interaction Perfected

PutterHead's dedication to optimizing turf interaction sets the Chrome X22 Wedge apart from the rest. Each wedge features an expertly crafted grind, engineered to enhance performance and turf interaction. This design helps you generate more consistent spin and achieve a deeper trajectory, giving you the ultimate control over your shots.

The Full Toe Advantage

The Chrome X22 Wedge is designed with a Full Toe shape that provides a larger face area with an enhanced toe peak. This unique shaping, combined with the specialized S-Grind, makes it exceptionally easy to hit short shots around the green, especially bunker shots and high flops. But this wedge isn't limited to your short game; it's also built to excel on mid and full wedge shots, thanks to its outstanding turf interaction.

Crafted for Excellence

The Chrome X22 Wedge features a steel shaft and a 1020 Carbon Steel club head. The top of the grip measures 27mm, providing a comfortable and secure hold, while the bottom of the grip is 16.5mm, giving you the control you need for those precise shots.

Elevate Your Game Today

Your golf game is only as good as the tools you use, and the Chrome X22 Wedge by PutterHead is the ultimate game-changer. Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to confidence, precision, and control on the golf course. Make the Chrome X22 Wedge your trusted companion and experience the difference that exceptional craftsmanship and innovation can make.

Enhance your golfing experience with the Chrome X22 Wedge by PutterHead. Elevate your game to new heights with a club that's designed to redefine the way you play golf. Order your Chrome X22 Wedge today and discover your true golfing potential.

    Loft Lie Bounce  Weight off Entire Club Length
    52  63.5 10 465g 32.75"
    56 63.5 12 465g 32.5"
    60 63.5 10 465g 32.25"
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