Staying Warm on the Course

Staying Warm on the Course

As the weather changes in the United States and we say goodbye to summer’s warmer weather, it’s time to start pulling the cold weather gear out of the closet for the winter golf season. Colder weather on the course can drive some into hibernation but if you are a committed year-round golfer, knowing how to dress in your golf attire for the colder months is key. The main goal is having freedom and flexibility to swing and move around while simultaneously staying warm. Check out the following tips on the dress code for winter golf clothes to prepare for the colder conditions during these winter months;


By wearing a base layer, your body can trap heat and keep it close. Long sleeve or short sleeve base layers might include moisture-wicking thermal shirts or poly-pro golf shirts that are specifically designed to trap heat. Long underwear works great under long pants and there are various active brands on the market that are designed for comfort during activity.


Keeping your core temperature warm will help the rest of your body stay warm. Consider wearing a light vest over your base layer, under your jacket. Make sure your vest isn’t bulky, so you won’t have to worry about the material getting in the way of your swing. Vests designed with athletes in mind are typically best because they work with your body when you move.


Choosing the right kind of pants can be tricky but knowing that comfort is most important, you can select a golf pant that gives you comfort and ease of movement. If you decide to wear a base layer or regular golf pants under your pants, make sure you can stretch and swing without feeling constricted. The best thing about wearing additional layers is the ability to remove your golf clothing as the day warms up or your body temperature gets too hot. Keep your layers nearby so when the sun disappears throughout your 18 hole golf game, you can keep yourself warm on a cold day.


During cold weather golf, making sure your hands stay warm is essential to your performance on the course. Never forget your winter golf gloves or rain gloves to be prepared for all possible weather conditions. You could also consider wearing two gloves but make sure you can still have control over the golf club. For extra warmth, throw a few hand warmers in your golf bag so you have them nearby for those chilly days on the golf course. Hand warmers easily fit in your pocket and can be lifesavers when your hands feel brittle from the cold temperatures. Warm hands make a big difference when you are gripping your club during your golf swing.
Another tip for staying warm on the course is to consider walking instead of riding in a golf cart. The exercise will keep your body heat which will help your muscles stay loose. And don’t forget, warm golf balls travel further than cold golf balls, so keep your golf balls in your pocket between each hole. Get out there and enjoy those brisk days on the course, the Fall can be one of the best seasons to play golf if you can stand the cold air!
Some other important winter rules for attire and golf accessories to keep in mind are snug and comfortable golf shoes, golf jackets, and a warm hat for cold conditions and make sure to grab the golf cart with a windshield because no one like driving and having 35 degree wind in your face.
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