How to Lower Your Score

How to Lower Your Score

The journey to get better can be fun, frustrating and exhilarating all at the same time. A golfer trying to get better and lower his or her scores is going to have ups and downs.
The key is to stick with it and understand that on your journey, you will learn a lot and get better if you are working on the right things. There are countless ways to lower your score but were going to break down a few ways you can lower your score. Lowering your score wont happen over night but following these tips can help to lower your score quickly.

Build a quality short game on the green

The goal is to get your ball closest to the pin so you can tap in the ball but that's not always the case. Some people will putt 2 or 3 times, sometimes even 4 putts on a green. If you are playing 18 holes and 3 putt every hole you have 54 strokes right there and if your goal is to break 90 you only have 36 shots left so you need to reach the green in 2 shots every hole. That seems like a lot of pressure considering there could be a couple par5's thrown in there. If you just focus on getting the ball closer to the pin instead of trying to make a 45 foot putt, you can quickly gain 18 extra strokes.

Become an expert chipping around the green

Following the same idea of eliminating extra strokes on the green, if you can use your chipping game to get close to the pin you can eliminate the 1 or 2 extra putts it takes you to get the ball closer to the hole. Chipping the ball gives the golf ball time in the air which can reduce the amount a variation the greens can throw at you. Avoid the slopes on the green and move the ball through the air and set yourself up for a tap in putt.

Build a go-to shot

Every golfer needs to have a go to shot. The shot where they can step up and have a high level of confidence of where the ball will start and what direction it will curve. There is nothing more difficult than standing over a shot and having little to no idea about where the ball is going to fly and how it is going to curve.

Get your confidence up

You don't need to kill the ball on every shot, learn a comfortable swing and let the club do the work. The more you try to swing hard and get distance you are sacrificing accuracy and jeopardizing your next shot. A big key to lowering your score is to make your following shot a desirable one. Swing easy and get use to the distance, you will be a lot happier with the results.

Consistency is key to a great golf game

Have you noticed the more you do something the more natural it becomes. Take driving a care for example, when you learned you were nervous but after years of driving every single day it has become second nature to you. The same is with golf, the less time you have between rounds or driving range sessions the better. Golf is a long game and takes a big investment to get good at it but you have to stay with it and practice often. Set a goal for yourself to get on the range or course at least 2 times a week and keep track of your improvements because they are bound to happen.
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